I recognize that divorce is a reality in our society. Marriages fail for many reasons. I try to minimize the impact of divorce. I try to help my client protect herself/himself and her or his children, achieve a fair settlement, and maintain dignity during and after the divorce.

The work is difficult, frustrating, and emotional. The work is however rewarding if my client and her/his family are protected.

I am a realist. I recognize and know from experience that problems over custody, child support, and parenting time (visitation) for the non-custodial parent develop in the years after the divorce is final. I try to help my client resolve such problems. In such work, I consider the best interest of the children and the needs of my client. I try to resolve the dispute fairly.
For information on divorce, custody, child support, or parenting time, please provide your contact information below. Advise me of your question or issue. I will contact you. I will discuss your questions and issues. I will provide information without fee.
  Call me at (248) 593-7902 or use the contact form below if you have questions on traffic citation matters. The call/contact is without obligation or fee. I will try to answer your questions. I will try to provide written materials to supplement my answers to your questions. I do not charge a fee for the initial call to me or for the materials that may be provided.

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