I practice in probate. Probate procedure and the Courts that oversee it protect individuals and families. They permit them to resolve matters arising from death, debilitating illness, or aging. The procedure and Court are orderly. They have been streamlined and made “user friendly” through recent revisions in the law. The procedures and Court are not the ones that existed 50+ years ago and that people feared.

Methods to avoid probate court exist. The methods are commonly referred to as estate planning. The methods involve trusts, durable powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. The methods, if properly and timely implemented, can protect property and family without probate court involvement.
For information on estate planning, trusts/wills, probate administration, powers of attorney, or guardianship/conservatorship issues, please provide your contact information below. Advise me of your question or issue. I will contact you. I will discuss your questions and issues. I will provide information without fee.
  Call me at (248) 593-7902 or use the contact form below if you have questions on probate issues. The call/contact is without obligation or fees. I will try to answer your questions. I will try to provide written material that supplements my answers to your questions. I do not charge a fee for the initial call to me or for
the material that may be provided.

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